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Topline Equipment Quote Form

Answers are optional but the more info that is filled, tho more accurate the quote.

1) What type of industry are you in?
Multi-level residential/commercial dwelling
Retail – what type?
Manufacturer – what type?
Other Business – specify?
2) What type of materials do you need to bale or compact?
Balers – cardboard
Balers – plastic
Balers – textile (clothes, wipers, etc.)
Balers – Non-ferrous Material (aluminium cans, etc.)
Compactors – recyclable waste (cardboard, paper, plastic)
Compactors – general waste / light wet waste
Compactors – hazardous waste (glass, paint, oil cans)

This a First-time/New purchase (rental/lease).
This is a Replacement purchase (rental/lease).
This purchase is to expand our existing capacity.
What make (manufacturer/model) is it?
4) What size/volume of material do you need to bale/compact?
or Not Sure
5) I would like a free demonstration of your product.
6) I would like a free no-obligation trial.
7) Please contact me via:
Email Phone or free On-site visit
8) Business Info:
Company Name:
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