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Orwak Compactors

  • 5030
    Compactor for reducing waste volumes in bags by up to 10:1. Compaction into bags avoids spills and odor.

  • 5031 | 5031E
    Small yet versatile top-loaded compactor/baler for bales or bags. Capacity of 5031: bales or bags up to 110 lbs/142 lbs

  • 5010E
    Small top-loaded baler for packaging waste made from, e.g. cardboard, paper and plastic. Capacity: up to 130 lbs cardboard/142 lbs plastic.

  • 5030-N-HD
    An easy to operate "TOP LOADING" compactor for hazardous waste, such as glass and can/tins of paint, oil and other chemical remains directly into drums. The operator can easily handle the heavy duty steel pallet with a standard lift truck.